Corvette Banking Transactions Features

With the Corvette Banking Transactions program there are many features to help you stay on top of banking transactions.   All features are designed to reduce your workload.   Below are the names and general descriptions of some of the features available.

· Ease of use  The program is designed around “point and click” selection of information.   By entering much used information once, that information is automatically available (throughout the program) by clicking on the information with your mouse.  Setting up bank accounts, entering your transactions, and printing reports is easy and fast.

· Report  There are many reports available.  These reports are designed to let you easily see all information entered and help you prepare for tax season.

· Bank Accounts  You can setup one or more bank accounts within the Corvette Banking Transactions program and switch easily between them.

· Balancing Bank Accounts  One of the strongest features of the Corvette Banking Transactions program is in Reconciling (balancing) your bank accounts.  Information is displayed, about the bank account and transactions, that helps you reduce the time required to balance your accounts. Also, it is easier to identify "issues".

· and many more features...

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