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The banking transactions software is designed for individuals or businesses that need to reduce the time that is required to “stay on top of” banking transactions.

Corvette Banking Transactions software replaces the transaction booklet that comes with your bank accounts, or other cumbersome method, you may use.  If you have one or more bank accounts, the program provides an easy and fast way to reconcile (balance) your bank accounts along with reports detailing the transaction information.  The program is versatile and can be easily set up.

· One Time Information Entry Enter receipt or check information once, then just point and click.

· Fast and efficient Make changes to information quickly and easily.

· Details and reports With less effort on your part this program provides reports about transaction information you will need when preparing for tax season.  Should you want to know how much you spent on “home improvement” or other details about any or all transactions, it’s just a click away.

· Reports Reports are detailed, easily understood, and will help you or your company prepare for tax seasons.

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Banking Transactions User's Manual

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