Corvette Contractor Features

With the Corvette Contractor program there are many features to help you run your business.   All features are designed to reduce your workload and help you in presenting your business in a professional manner.  Below are the names and general descriptions of some of the features available.

· Ease of use  The program is setup around “point and click” selection of information.   By entering much used information once, that information is automatically available (throughout the program) by clicking on the information with your mouse.  Setting up customers, jobs, and costs of material and labor is easy and fast.   Entering job information and printing professional reports is simple.

· Professional Reports  The reports created are professional level and the presentation they make to your customers and others, will contribute to your business reputation as a well-run professional business.

· Request for Quotes  You can easily create a “Request for Quote” (RFQ) when you want current pricing for materials and labor from one or more suppliers/subcontractors.  The RFQs can be used for one job or you can “consolidate” jobs to get the best bulk pricing.

· Pull List  You can easily create a Pull List when you are ready to order materials and labor, needed for one or more jobs, from one or more suppliers/subcontractors.

· Tract Income and Expenses  Job income and expenses are tracked so you can easily know invoice amount paid and balance due.   Using this feature you can track customer billing.

· Markup/Profit/Discount  You can set your markup/profit one time and it will automatically be applied to your cost for material or labor if desired.  For a given job you can adjust market/profit as well as enter a discount.

· Invoice Status  View or print your customer invoice status (has an invoice been submitted or paid).   Using this feature you can track customer billing.

· Profit/Loss  The profit/loss for each job and your overall profit/loss are tracked.  This is very helpful during tax season.

· Print Envelope and Labels  You can print customer, suppliers, and subcontractors envelopes or labels as needed.

· Email  You can email reports directly from the program.

· Data Backup  Corvette GC comes with a data backup program.  You can keep your data safe and secure.

· and many more features...

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