Corvette Contractor Reports

With the Corvette Contractor program you can view or print many reports, to view sample reports please click on the report name below.   Your company logo will be in the upper left corner of all reports.

· Bid/Estimate/Invoice Report  Prepare detailed professional bids, estimates, and invoices easily.  After you have selected the materials and labor related to a job, these reports are available by point and click.

· Job Expense Report  This reports allows you to see how a given jobs cost/retail are changing as you enter an invoice from your supplier for material and/or labor.

· Profit/Loss Report  View or print jobs, or your overall, profit and loss.

· RFQ Report(s)  The RFQ (Request for Quote) report list materials you want your suppliers to quote prices on.   After you have selected the materials for a job it only takes a few click and you have RFQ reports for all supplier related to one or more jobs selected.

· Job Pull Report  These reports are used to place an order for the materials when you are ready to start a job. Each supplier gets a list of materials needed from them.

· Invoice Status Report  View or print the status (invoice submitted, invoice paid) of the active invoices.

· Returned Materials  View or print jobs, job returned materials.

· Materials Report  View or Print all materials on file.

· Labor Report  View or Print all labor on file.

· Subcontractors Report  Complete list of all contractors, and thier information, on file.

· Customer Report  This is a list of all customers, and their information, on file.

· and there are many more...

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