Corvette ESM Features

With the Corvette ESM program there are many features to help you run event held by your organization.   All features are designed to reduce your workload and help you in presenting your organization in a professional manner.  Below are the names and general descriptions of some of the features available.

· Ease of use  By entering much used information once, that information is automatically available (throughout the program).   Setting up events, registering attendees for an event, scoring and printing score reports, is fast and easy.   You can print score card labels, or mailing labels, for any event without additional effort.   Also, you can e-mail reports to the attendees or groups that are in your event (that is: an attendee, all attendees, members, or attendees in a given event).   You can setup your entire schedule of events for the year, or longer, with little effort.   Once the initial attendee’s information has been entered you just “point and click” to register attendees for any given event, or several events that are on file.  Adding new members/attendees throughout the year, or during an event, is simple and fast.

· Professional Reports   The reports created are professional level and the presentation they make to the attendees, members, and others, will contribute to your organizations commitment to having well-run professional events.  There are many useful reports (there is a Mixed Scores Report where you can mix any stage scores with any other stage, or stages, for scoring, reporting, or determining awards).

· Registration for events  Registering, adding attendees, and making any changes to their existing information, is straightforward and require little effort.  If an attendee wants to register for today’s event, and events that are later in the year, this can be done with a few simple clicks of a button.   The fees paid/due for any event are keep on file and are available in a report.   Automatic selection of attendees information can be used when setting the type of event you are organizing (An attendee may have a different classification (skill level, equipment type, and category) for different events.  The skill level (like Expert, novice, ...), equipment type (like match rifle, shotgun,...), and category (like Open, senior, police, junior,...) terms can be easily entered to meet the your organization's needs.  There are reports available, within Corvette ESM, that can score these classifications separately.

· Event Series  The Event Series feature can be used to combine any event with one or more other events of similar type, giving you the option of having the individual scores, or team scores, combined to make a single overall event.

· Score ties  Corvette ESM will find and display all ties in a given event if desired.  You can review the list of ties, and resolve the ties quickly, using the rules of your organization, for proper placement of attendees in the score results (usually you have 15% or greater ties in the event stage scores and overall scores).

· Target-point and relays assignments  Automatically assign target-point and relays if desired, Corvette ESM can automatically assign target-points (the number of different targets you have) and relays (if you have more competitors then targets).

· Duplicate Event  To create a new event any existing event can be duplicated.  You can duplicate just the event information and you also have the option to duplicate the Teams and/or attendees in the event your are duplicating (scores, and fees paid will not be duplicated).

· Membership tracking  Several reports are available to help in tracking membership.   Membership can be handled in two ways.  A membership maintenance section (Bulk Membership Maintenance) lets you quickly add, update, and remove members, during membership renewal times, when you have a large number of membership renewals you wish to enter in minimum time.  When you have only a few membership entries, they can be handled through another section if desired, that is convenient for individual membership entries.

· Envelopes and Labels  Labels and envelopes can be printed easily from information on file.   Score card labels can be printed, with or without, Corvette ESM automatic target-point/relay assignments.   (A nice feature is that you can select to print mailing labels for the attendees that do not have e-mail addresses, allowing you to print just the mailing labels that you need to print after you have e-mailed the scores report to the attendees that have e-mail addresses.)

· Email  Reports can be e-mailed without additional effort.  Reports can be sent to individuals or groups.   So, if you wish to e-mail the score results of the last event (or any event) to individuals or groups, Corvette ESM, with just a click, will attach the report to an e-mail, fill in the e-mail addresses of the individuals or groups that you have selected, and you just press the Send button.  The e-mail addresses are entered into the Blind Copy (Bcc) address to protect the information you have.  Also, you can add other attachments or change the text of the Corvette ESM generated e-mails if you have other documents, or text, that you wish to send.

· Stages  There can be up to 10 Stages in any event. The result of a single stage in the bases for a single score.

· Scoring  Corvette ESM comes in different versions depending upon your needs.  These versions differ in the scoring method you desire (score-x, hit/timed, pass/fail, etc.).

· Data Backup  Corvette ESM comes with a data backup program.  You can keep your data safe and secure.

· and many more features...

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