Event, Membership, and Scoring reports

With the Corvette ESM program you can view or print many reports.   Your company logo will be in the upper left corner of all reports.

· Scores Report  Grand aggregate, Aggregate, or by Category: Scores for all stages, individual stages, or combined (mixed) stages.

· Competitors Classification Report  or all events you can set the skill levels and their high/low score ranges, and MatchTrax will calculate and report Under/Over/In Class.

· Attendee's History Report  This is a nice report to send to your member at the end of the year, or anytime.

· LEG Match Results  For LEG matches. Automatically calculates Gold/Silver/Bronze under NRA ® rules.

· Team Scores Report  For Team scores. For any event both individual and teams scores reports are available.

· Member List  Complete list all members, in alphabetical order, membership number order, or year order.

· Alpha Roster  Complete list of all attendees on file.

· Awards Report  For Attendees or Team Awards.

· Event attendance Report  Attendee’s information for a given event showing how they a registered for the event.

· Sanction Report  This is a report, usually required by the sanction of a given event, contains attendee scores information.

· Activity Report  This report will tell you the attendance for all the events you hold.

· Event Report  This report will summarizes the present, or upcoming, event. A great report to e-mail all you members and past attendees of events to let them know about upcoming events.

· Fees Report  Printout of event attendees that have registered, with event fees paid/due.

· and there are many more...

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