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Tracking scores and membership used in rifle and pistol competitions, training, or evaluation, using Corvette ESM is easy and provide results.  For tracking membership, scoring, registration for events, and creating reports, Corvette ESM is user-friendly.  You can work in a single program to easily reduce your workload, create professional level events, and much more.  All of this is available from one complete packaged solution — Corvette ESM

Corvette ESM is designed for organizations that have events where there is a need to track scores, membership, and produce related report.  The program is versatile and can be easily setup.

· Fast and efficient  Corvette ESM reduces your workload for registration, posting scores and awards, and tracking membership.

· One Time Information Entry  Enter information about event, member, and score's results once and access that information by "point and click" from that point on.

· Print Envelope and Labels  You can print envelopes and labels, as needed, for your member and attendees.

· Email  You can email score results, and other reports, directly from the program.

· Maintain Event and Membership History  Maintains event information and attendee's scores for all events.

· Professional Reports  Reports are professional level and demonstrate your organization’s abilities.

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